Paypal is giving free shooping offer for his new account a user can get the new account in just in one minute but can’t get unlimited card so that is the impotant to create unlimited acrd and to get the cahback ammount and gte the cahback ammount and also get the shopping stuff and aslo get the cahback to get the stuff in just free of cost first you need to follow my trick to get the free offer then you could use the trick use to get the cashback but as all are knows that the offer will be active if you have fresh master and visa card adn if you sign up for first time then you can gte the offer and then you will get the cahback and then you will goto the next page and collect the offer and get the offer but deep down we all are known that the method to get the card is about the trick no one will not get the card to use i the trick so you have to first generate the card then you can the pay the ammount and then you go that the main way to get the card then you can get the voucher as also as the cahback ammount in your account…………….

  How to get the card in unlimited time so you have to goto the kotak bank official page then you have to sign up the website by the your pancard then you can get the card by the method then you can get the card by the method of mine…………first you need to goto the kotak bank officail page then goto the opening account page then goto the signup by your pan card then goto the offer page and then generate the card details and then goto the paypal offical page then goto the card details and then put  the card details in the  card details box then signup by the method of my previous post then goto the officail page then click on incognito tab then you can get the histoy page then clear all the data to avoid account blokage then you can signup there by the using of card details thast was generate by the kotak bank bank page then goto the offer page was and then goto the paeg deatails and then come back to payapal site and sign up tehre………….


How To Open Kotak 811 Saving Account In Just 3 Minutes

  • Firstly, Visit Kotak 811 Sign up Page.- clcik here
  • then, fill Details Like Name, Mobile Number & Email.
  • Note: Enter Name and Email of which you have to Open Bank Account.
  • After Successfully Filling these details, Click on “Get 811″ Option. 
  • You will Receive OTP on Your Registered Mobile Number. Verify It.Then, You will get Question like Would You Like To Direct Benefit Transfer, Click on YES.
  • Now, You will see Get DBT benefits with 811 screens.
  • You have to select “I don’t have DBT linked to any bank account and wish to link it to 811”Then, Click on the “Continue” button.
  • Then, You have to Fill Your Aadhar Details and PAN Number.
  • Now, Click on Agree on terms & conditions and then, click to continue.
  • Then, You will redirect to the page where all user details are pre-filled in the form.
  • After this, You need to fill other details like Salary, Occupation Details, Marital Status, Father’s name, and Mother’s name.
  • Scroll down and click on next button.
  • Now, add nominee details and Again click on Next Button.
  • Now, You have to take an appointment to for full KYC verification.
  • Then, You have to Set Up PIN. Select M Pin.
  • Now, Enter Login and Password of your choice for Kotak 811 App.
  • Verify with OTP and your Sign up is Done. Your Kotak 811 Account is successfully  Opened.
  • Now, Take All Details like Account Number, IFSC Code, VPA, and Other Details.
  • For Ease Of Use –  Download Kotak 811 app from play store & Login with Above detail to start Operating Your Account
  • Enjoy !!

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