I will share you the trick that you huys can get the free shopping by the trcik you guys can get the minimum balance to get the voucher code that can be help you to get the shopping by paypal app so you can alsoget the free shopping by the trick to get the free shopping by paypal so evryone is doing by papyl ….best way to get the shopping by the part of paypal you can get the offer to get the free shooping then you can also get the cash back as well as free shopping and then you have to only thing to do a new physical mster or visa card to get the offer then you have to go then you can you the card in two paypal card then you can also get the cahabcak in two account………….so that you can use the cahback as bank money and also you can purcahse any type of gift voucher in that cahback voucher you only need to get the physical card to get the cahback ………………

                      Paypal is merchant offer that can be use like as a gateway that provides 50% cahback to his new user so that user can get the cahback ammount and then you can use the cahback as promotion ammount then you can use the cahback voucher in paytm voucher by zingoy and also you can use the the stuff to get sold then you can also get the amazon voucher by paypal…but firstly you need a fresh adn new physical acrd to get the best way to get the cahback ammount to get the card at the stage of the voucher at that point in the point of reevalution  let’s talk about the offer how to get the offer and how can you impliment the offer in your dauly life and get the cahback as repetedly then also get the free cahback as a voucher so that can you get the cash back as a new user…if youa old user then you can also get the cahback but i will share the trick in my next topic so that you can get the balance in your only new it’s better to get a new account rather than an old account then you can get the new account and aslo get the cahback ammount in your account…………….


  • This offer entitles eligible PayPal account holders to receive a discount of INR 300 off an eligible purchase with PayPal.
  • This is a limited offer, based on first come first served, available only to selected India PayPal account holders.
  • The offer cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash or other discounts/products/services.
  • Each eligible PayPal account holder may only redeem the offer once during the Offer Period.
  • No minimum spend required.
  • In order to redeem the offer, payment must be made via PayPal during checkout.
  • Notwithstanding anything herein, PayPal and its affiliates shall not at any time be responsible or held liable for any defect or malfunction in the offer, and/or for any loss, injury, damage or harm suffered or incurred by or in connection with the use of any offer by any person.
  •                                                  HOW TO GET THE OFFER

    • Launch the chrome browser and go to the official website of Freshmenu
    • Enter your city and you will see the list of food items available.
    • Make a cart value of ₹600 or above and complete the payment via a new PayPal account.
    • You will instantly get ₹300 cashback in the PayPal account.
    • No simply call on this number – 08040424242 and cancel your order.
    • Make sure you do this within 5 mins of your order time.
    • Airtel payment banks virtual card is working. One card can be used I .Two accounts. However, you will have to pay more than 501 in order to use it twice. Hence, order value should be around ₹600.
    • Repeat the offer using new account and enjoy the PayPal loot unlimited trick.
    • More numbers = more profit.

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