Get FREE Netflix Subscription for 3 months using your HDFC Bank Credit Card

Netflix is giving 3 month fee subscription to hdfc bank credit card holder to get the free subscribtion to get the subscription you needa hdfc bank credit cared to avilavel the offer and also you can get the offer in web an app aslo get the offer in your favorite screen play so that you will get your account in free subscription so you can enjoy free netflix web series and also you can get the original content in the begining of the story was made by the netflix you can get the web series nad also you can also share the gmail and password to your friend so they can aslo get the web series and also can stream at differnt language and aslo also in different playmode like in app and also in website ands also in tv live stream and aslo you can also play in can support also 5 account cooncetion and you will be the admin of the account you can also removed someone frome the account and then you can decide also who are they who can stream also you can share tour friend and your relative to stream at free of cost for 3 month…………………………………….

    Let’s talk about the offer you can avilave the offer if you have hdfc bank credit card adn then you can avilavle the offer then you create a new account select your subscription period then pay via your hdfc credit card then the offer will active for 3 month at just free of cost then you can select the5 name of your friend or relative whom you want to share your account to watch the series and other thing in netflix then you also get the credit card number and then you can avilavel the offer by hdfc if you don’t have the hdfc card then can’t get the offer so you need hdfc card to ge the offer then you have to wait some time to get active the offer in your then you can try the offer and also get the offer better you need to get hdfc card first so i will shre in next to how to get the hdfc card in just free of cost to get the card if you don’t have hdfc account ………………………………

    so you need a valid document to carete the hdfc account then you have to check your credit score to get the credit card to get the new app that is providing new card of hdfc credit card then iw ill also share the trick to get the new method the get the card at just free of cost and also get the card without going to bank account an also the card will work in 1 minute and then you can apply the offer adn aslo get the offer by the card then you also get the card by me trick
                                                                 How To Avail ?

  • Goto this website first then you can get the offer details and aslo apply the offer –click here
  • Your first 3 months of Netflix is on us
  • Just register using HDFC Bank Credit Card*
  • Offer eligible on Infinia/Regalia/Regalia First/Business Regalia/Business Regalia First/Jet Co-brand Credit Cards
  • Select the desired Netflix Plan.
  • Start the registration process.
  • Provide eligible method of payment using HDFC Bank Credit Card.
  • Complete Signup.

Terms and condition………

  • Offer period is 1st August 2019 to 31st Oct 2019.
  • Customer offer is ONLY eligible for card holders holding HDFC Bank Infinia/Regalia/Regalia First/Business Regalia/Business Regalia First/Jet Co-brand/Diners Club miles/Diners Jet/Diners Black Credit Cards.
  • 3 months cash back on monthly subscription of Netflix technology (Max cashback capped at Rs. 499/- per card per month for max upto 3 months). Applicable for all plans of Netflix Technology (Basic, Standard, Premium). This also includes Netflix mobile plan subscriptions.
  • Cashback Terms – Subscription amount will be debited month on month from the selected card as per Netflix subscription policy. Cashback will be posted after 90 days from the month of registration.
  • Customer needs to be LIVE with Netflix Subscription at the time of Cashback posting on HDFC Bank Credit Card. i.e. If a Aug’19 registered customer’s credit card has not been debited for the 4th month subscription in Nov’19, Cash back will not be posted. Customer is deemed de-registered and hence disqualified for the program benefit.
  • During the offer period, if a customer’s credit card number is changed, the onus is on the customer to update the same detail with Netflix for subsequent Subscription debits. If the same is not done, customer will be deemed de-registered as the payment will not be successful on the eligible HDFC Bank Credit Card.
  • If customer uses any other Bank partner/mode of payment and NOT on HDFC Bank Credit Card, owing to any unforeseen circumstances, customer will be deemed in-eligible for the program.
  • The program Cashback is applicable at a Card level. i.e. 1 Credit Card will get 1 Cashback benefit, irrespective of multiple registrations, if any.
  • In case of transaction reversal requests or chargeback, for such scenarios Cashback will not be posted or will be reversed from Credit Card account

                                                                                                              THANK TO ALL…………….


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